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One-Channel POCT Fluorescent Detection System GF-100
Genorise offers quality reagents with affordable prices. These reagents cover ELISA kits,
fluorescence immunoassay kits, DNA/RNA kits, antibodies, recombinant proteins,
bioconjugates, multiplex bioassay kit and point-of-care test (POCT) products. We also
offer reliable biological testing services such as ELISA assays, genetic engineering and
in-vitro diagnosis of medical conditions. Our company challenges today's market to
provide cost-effective products to meet your demand. With many years of experience,
we assure you with our reliable products that lead you succeed.

One of our goals is to discover novel disease biomarkers that can significantly benefit
early detection of diseases and development of more effective therapeutic drugs. With
proven technology, the company is leading to succeed in identification of unknown
biomarkers for diseases like myocardial infarction and cancers.

Multiple biomarkers provide better prediction of disease status and medical intervention
in contrast to single marker. Toward this, Genorise is making effort to define and
validate multiple disease biomarkers and to develop a multiplexed detection platform
for rapid screening and early diagnosis of diseases using advanced technology such as
lab-on-a-chip technology.

Nanotechnology has proven beneficial to molecular diagnosis and drug delivery. The
company is utilizing this cutting edge technology to develop novel molecular diagnostic
methods and to develop nanomaterials for effective and safe drug delivery.

The company is developing a strong product development team with expertise covering
biomedicine, immunology, bioengineering and cell/molecular biology. With effective
development of its marketing and sales team, the company is leading to achieve its
Genorise Scientific's10th Anniversary (2009-2019)